New Grace Apostolic Temple Ministries

Altar Workers

The purpose of the Altar Work and Baptismal Ministry is to seek guidance through the Holy Ghost in winning souls for Christ. We are to pray for souls and pray with souls to accept Christ. We are to glorify Christ though our dedication and commitment for the upbuilding of God’s kingdom.

Beautification Committee

The purpose of the beautification committee is to maintain the physical image of our church building through landscaping and florals, etc.

Christian Education 

Our mission is to equip all students (young & old) for continued christian growth both spiritually and naturally through a greater knowledge of God’s word.

Culinary Arts Ministry

Our mission is to provide nutritious and tasty meals for dinners, receptions, and other NGAT-related events and activities.

Deacon Board 

Our ministry and mission is to serve as mediators to our Pastor, Church and the community, as we are empowered by the Bible which is the only infallible written word of God. I Tim. 3:8 – 10

Facilities Coordination 

Our mission is appropriately coordinate the facilities for special events and functions.

Fundraising Committee

The mission of the Fundraising Committee is to coordinate and approve all fundraising events for the church, seek new fundraising ideas, and make recommendations to other committees; Develop fundraising program/events open to the community, track fundraising events to determine value.

Healthcare Professionals

The Healthcare Ministry is to provide assistance to worshipers during services, and to respond to any medical emergencies.

Marketing, Communications & Publications 

MCP’s purpose is to develop and oversee the public image that is presented to the community ensuring it clearly reflects the church’s identity.

 Mens Ministry

As the strong men of the house, we must be “battle ready”. This will require us putting on the whole armor of God, meaning we will do any and everything to contribute to the up-building of the Kingdom of God. We are the laborers sent forth by the Lord of the harvest!

Ministers Alliance

The NGAT Minister’s Alliance is an extended arm of our pastor. Through the grace of God, we can assist our pastor in ministering God’s word throughout the community. We do this by entering into the jails, colleges, streets, hospitals, homes and homeless shelters, and witnessing to the uttermost part of the earth unto Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8).

Nursery Ministry 

The Nursery Ministry provides a free childcare service to worshipers during services. The beginning stages of spiritual development are learning blocks that can help children discover early on how much God loves them. Our nursery gives children the opportunity to grow in a loving, God centered environment.

Unmarried Saints Alliance 

The chief purpose of the Unmarried Saints Alliance (USA) is to help meet the spiritual goals and social needs of the unmarried members of NGAT. To motivate unmarried members to give a greater service to God, that we might be content in Him as we walk in His perfect will, seeking Him first and His righteousness.

Ushers/ Greeters 

NGAT ushers and greeters are committed to serve the congregation and assist in facilitating the orderly flow of our services.

Victorious Women of Valor- Womens Ministry

The purpose of New Grace Apostolic Temple is to support the ministries of the church, to promote unity among the women, visit the sick, to assist the needy, and to show love to all mankind.

Worshiping Arts Ministry

The NGAT Worshiping Arts Ministry consists of the Music, Drama, Ministry in Movement and Expression (M.I.M.E.), and Deaf ministries.  


Youth Ministry 

Our purpose is to serve the young people of the New Grace Apostolic Temple through commitment, integrity, poise and motivation.